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The Gaudium Capital Ltd. welcomes you to its website. Our company is registered in the roll of liquidators. We keep our comprehensive activities rolling expanded onto the whole of the country on a high professional level, backed up by our branches located in each regions, with the expertise of our local colleagues, and a carefully established infrastructure providing services in the following areas:


  • The conduct of insolvency procedures:
    • Liquidation
    • Voluntary liquidation (Winding-up procedures)
    • Bankruptcy proceedings
    • Property surveillance
    • Property settlement
  • Crisis management
  • Performance of financial, accounting and tax-related tasks
  • Procedures of monitoring, business consulting, debt restructuring


In insolvency proceedings appointed by courthouses our primary endeavor ( as experts in the procedures) is to efficiently, promptly and orderly carry out the duties prescribed by law, with primary focus on reimbursement of the creditors. enforcing their interests in the best way possible.


The main goal of our advisory services is finding solutions with the help of specific experiences gained in the course of the insolvency proceedings:


  • For all those companies that for some reason ended up in the crisis, but with the help of some management consulting and cost optimization can achieve improvement in competitiveness
  • For all those companies who wish to renew their strategies
  • For all those companies whose business partnerships require attention in monitoring and managing their holdings.


Our professional team consists of recognized and highly qualified professionals, liquidators, lawyers, auditors, accountants and engineers, providing theirs valuable experiences gained in their specific fields in order to assist the highly effective operation of our company. We conduct our activities according to the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 certified by the Cert-European organization.





Gaudium Capital Kft.

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